embassy rv partnership

Flashback to January 2019 at the Tampa RV SuperShow…

At the SuperShow I spotted real innovation and some crazy stuff: Jeeps with tents, a man with 4 legs, and a Class B RV with a 6’x6’ attached covered porch. Whoa!

I had never heard of Embassy RV. What caught my eye was the silver Promaster, not unlike my own Travato, with a covered porch attached to the back end. 

That was the day I met Terry Minix and was introduced to Embassy RV. That was the day I saw real innovation in a Class B RV. A quick interview with Terry and a quicker walkthrough of the RV I was left impressed.

Months later Terry reached out to me and invited me to see his factory. I was blown away with the advanced construction methods, the innovative approach to materials used in the buildout - no wood - and revoluatry floor plan options. 

We talked about our goals and worked out a plan to partner up. 

I am thrilled to announcement that Embassy RV and Go Small. Live Large! now have a paid partnership to produce some videos and get the word out Embassy RV’s radically different approach to building quality Class B RVs on Transit, Promaster, and Sprinter chassis.

Please continue with me on my journey to learn and share. And now we will learn about innovation looks like from Embassy RV.