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Audience Angels provide local tips about places to see, things to do, delicious tastes of food and beverage (coffee houses with amazing wifi, brew pubs, distilleries, and yummy food), and off the beaten path things that should be secret, but you want to share with the world  (shhhhh, our secret).

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States


our journey to a fantasy plan

Two boys. Nineteen years. One great adventure.

We are two separate, but equal stories intertwined with a love of technology, travel, and a common goal of living life to the fullest. We don't follow the obvious path. We have always done things differently than most.

Hello, I am Scott, on the left in the photo. My partner of nineteen years is Kyle. We met in Seattle in 2000 at the rock bottom of our lives and instantly connected. We thought we were a better sum than separate parts, so we started a great adventure together. In 2003 we moved from Seattle to Chicago for my new job with Apple. 

With great careers in technology, a successful (former) Bed and Breakfast business, and some real estate investing we built a comfortable lifestyle in Chicagoland with all of the standard stuff. We traveled a lot for work and for fun, which was nice. But something about planes and hotels keeps one from connecting at the local level, and forces one to leave before one wants..
While Kyle was quite content with our lives, something was not sitting right with me and our status-quo. I kept thinking, "is this all there is?".

I admit it. I was the one to upset our apple cart. After many discussions, contemplations, and compromises we decided to rewrite our lives, set new goals, and get into alignment behind a new plan. Kyle aptly named that plan, The Fantasy Plan.

The Fantasy Plan involved:

  • drastically reducing our financial overhead
  • significantly downsizing our living space
  • becoming more  entrepreneurial by leveraging Airbnb properties
  • moving from Chicago to Florida
  • and, Scott doing Vanlife full time in early 2019

The Fantasy Plan also includes Scott documenting his journey towards the RV lifestyle on his YouTube channel and this website sharing with you stories of adventure, travel, and learning new RV skills. Kyle has little interest in the Class B RV lifestyle, so he will fly into cities I visit, "camp out" at the Marriott, and then fly out to his next job destination. 

So, we start a new chapter in our great adventure together. Our intent is to Go Small so that we can Live Large(r). Our hope is that you will be inspired to do more and be more fulfilled in whatever your Fantasy Plan consists of.

Thank you for being part of our Go Small. Live Large! family.