rv Gear

Surge Protector, 30 AMP


For peace of mind, and recommend by most RVers, get a surge protector. This unit has a cover to keep rain out.

Fresh Water Hose


Ditch your plastic hose. Get this kink-free, fabric hose for your fresh water needs. It is much easier to roll tup and stow.

RV-Safe Toilet Tissue


RV makers recommend using only RV-safe toilet tissue as it breaks down easily making black tank emptying trouble free.

Thetford Tank Sensor Cleaner


Keeps the sensor more accurate. Easy to use. I use this treatment every 60 days.

Velcro Storage Straps


I use these straps to stow my 30 AMP  cable, fresh water, and San-T-Flush hoses in the utility closet. Very useful. 

Tire Pressure Gauge


It is critical to keep RV tires at the recommended pressure.Your house is riding on them!  Easy to use gauge. 

15 AMP - 30 AMP Adapter


Use this adapter to convert a standard household 15 AMP, 110 volt outlet to your 30 AMP cable.

RV Wash Wand


Save money and safely wash your own RV. Extends to 71" long. 

Go-Treads Get You Unstuck


I saw Go-Treeads in action when I borrowed a pair to get my Travato out of mud. Doubles as leveling blocks too.

Magically Removes Scuffs


Perfect product for removing scuffs from your rig's paint job. See the demo video I made using this product.

lifestyle gear

USB-Powered Fan


Keeps you cool. I use one above dinette table and one in the bedroom. Uses USB-ports for power.

RV Must-Have, the Instant-Pot


So versatile, and used by so many RVers. I use the stainless steel pot from the Instant-Pot as my primary "sauce pan".

Hot Water in Minutes


Love Love Love this electric kettle! I use it all the time for instant coffee and when ever HOT water is needed quickly.

outdoor gear

Char-Broil Portable Gill

Love my portable grill. No flare ups. Cooks food really fast. Fits perfectly in my "garage" storage.

Love this portable grill. No flare ups. Cooks food very fast.Fits perfectly in my under-bed "garage" storage against rear doors.

Propane for Grill


I store up to 3 propane canisters inside the grill itself. Leave one for spare in the storage bin inside the rig.

Super Bright LED Flashlights


You can never have enough flashlights. I have 4 scattered throughout my Travato. This is 2-pack of flashlights.

youtuber gear

Joby MobileRig for iPhone


Perfect to hold your smartphone camera to record as handheld selfie-stick, or wrap it around something to use as a "tri-pod".

Mount mic on Joby MobileRig


Mic perfectly mounts in Joby MobileRig. Plug into iPhone Lightening port. Comes with wind muffle. 

4TB Portable Hard Drive


I love this hard drive. USB-C connects directly to my MacBook Pro. Tough casing doesn't skid. HUGE capacity.

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