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audience angels

Audience Angels often share their personal story with the Channel, share a skill for us to learn, provide access to things and places not available to the public, and sometimes even provide a "camp site" for Scott, Luke, and Lily for the night. We salute our Audience Angels!

Tab Talks Travato

Interview with "ICE Man"

Interview with "ICE Man"


Chattanooga Audience Angel, Tab, shares why he bought a Travato and tell us about downtown Chattanooga. Tab, my thanks to you and your lovely family for your hospitality over Easter weekend 2019.

Interview with "ICE Man"

Interview with "ICE Man"

Interview with "ICE Man"


Great story how Steve and I met, in Cedar Key, FL. He is a true Audience Angel as he has become my business mentor.. At the RV SuperShow 2020, he interviewed me in Lily for his ICE program. Check it out!

Charming Cocktail

Interview with "ICE Man"

Charming Cocktail


With a personality as big as the Big Easy itself, 2014 NOLA Mixologist of the Year, Cheryl Charming, talks about her 1990's Vanlife and shows us  how to make the official cocktail of New Orleans.

crazy passion for reaching goals

Through life experience and interviews with successful people, Jason develop a planner to help you go Crazy for your Goals… Goal Crazy.

FREE RV GOAL PLANNER tool available here.

Female influence on Class b RV

Winnebago's Deb Lund, sits down with me to talk about the Travato, the integration of Voice Of Customer into RVs, and how the female RV experience is influencing design decisions.

world traveler Kirk, st augustine

Thanks to Boondockers Welcome I met two incredible people. Kirk and Nancy have such a sense of adventure and lust for life. I found them to be very inspiring and wanted to share them with you.

we're the Russos, rv youtubers

For months I followed Joe and Kait Russo’s vanlife journey on their YouTube channel, We're The Russos. I knew a lot about their story and read their book, Take Risks. But meeting them for the first time in person, I was nervous. It felt like I was on a blind date!