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validate wifi speed before buying

Get the Speedtest app.

Learn from my mistake of falling for a business offering wifi.

I would see the sign in the window stating "wifi" was offered to customers.  After placing my order for coffee and/or food, I would ask for the wifi password. Excited to get some "fast" wifi I would fire up my laptop computer or iPad and log onto their provided wifi network.

Only then did I learn that their wifi was as bad as the typical RV Park wifi network, read that as worthless wifi. Terrible wifi speed got me frustrated that I committed to spending time and money, but couldn't utilize their wifi.

Now, armed with the mobile app, Speedtest, I validate speed (or lack thereof),  ask for the wifi password and check the speed BEFORE ordering anything. You can see the speed shown in the image at right as an example of very good wifi speed in a public setting.. The app is available on Apple's App Store and Google PlayStore, 

If the speed is terrible I show the staff and ask if the wifi network is always this slow (or fast). If slow, I simple say that I cannot spend money without good wifi. I then leave and search for the next location that offers wifi.

I repeat the process until I find acceptable wifi. At which time I let them know their fast network is why I am spending my money with them.

Demand better wifi. Vote with your dollars!


Download the Speedtest app to validate wifi speed before spending money.