convert dining table to 6'x4' bed

In a few minutes, convert the dinette into a sleeping surface or a lounging area for watching TV.

two sinks better than one

I love the second sink, located in the huge bathroom. It so helpful to have a hand washing sink so close to the galley. When I’m cooking in the kitchen I don’t have to lift the kitchen sink cover, raise the faucet, wash/rinse, and reverse the process just to rinse my hands.  

garage storage under bed

Got stuff? The “garage storage” area in the back under the bed is quite large at a functional 25” W x 42” D x 25” H. But how much stuff can that space actually stow? Watch as I load my patio gear into the “garage":

stow hoses & electrical

See how I store electrical and water connection equipment in the conveniently located Utility Closet at the back of the Travato.  I learned that this is better storage for these frequently used items, instead of stowing them under in the under-bed storage areas.

closet storage

While the initial impression of the wardrobe closet in the Travato 59GL looks small, it actually can contain a great many clouting items, and  a 24” computer monitor too!

huge fridge & freezer

Size matters, especially in a Class B RV, like my Travato GL, where refrigerator and freezer, by Nova Kool, are prefect for full-time RV living, or a long trip.

open windows in rain

See the 5 reasons why I love the awning-style windows made by Dometic and included as an option on my 2019 Travato GL

dining table seats 5

See how the Travato 59G table extends to a whopping 50.5” long and 19” deep to comfortably seat up to 5 people around a single table. Four different seating positions too!

cargo door privacy blinds

HOW TO: See how the Winnebago supplied rear windows covers blackout light and provide 100% privacy from the outside for the rear windows it the Travato 59G/GL.

storage in bedroom

Winnebago was smart to utilize a few square inches of space in the 59G bedroom. This nook is the perfect place to store a few items during bedtime. It is like having a nightstand next to your bed!

store remote control

See the perfect place to store the MaxAir fan remote and simplify and declutter the charging of your mobile phone and a smart watch in a Travato GL Class B RV.

Murphy bed

See how the Murphy bed in the Class B RV Travato makes sleeping comfortable and cozy, while creating a large interior "hallway" space when the bed is not in use.

perfect size garage can

Solve your garbage trouble with this perfectly sized swing-top trash can tucked into a hard-to-use-corner of your Travato 59G.

install side window blinds

HOW TO: Watch how fast it is to install the cab side window blinds for privacy and temperature control. The blinds pair nicely with the front windshield blind system.

declutter the rv

HOW TO: A quick fix to get coats or clothes off the seats and off the floor onto a Command Hook placed at the sliding door. Great way to declutter your Class B camperv an.

stow windshield blind

HOW TO: The blind takes about a minute to set up and about a minute to stow, but provides hours of privacy, protection from the sun, and helps keep the coach insulated from hot or cold temperatures.

Windshield Privacy Blind

HOW TO: See how the front windshield blind system for the Travato sets up in less than a minute to provide privacy, protection from the sun, and keep the coach insulated from hot or cold temperatures.

Protect galley window

HOW TO: Use this simple trick so you don't damage your Travato  59G galley window by sliding the door open while your window is open.