lithium powered electric furnace

In this video, you will see how the Pure3 lithium-based energy system provides nearly 12 hours of constant 67 degrees internal head in a 41 degree outside environment using only Pure3 lithium 30 AMP electrical service, including the Auto-Start system in “stealth-mode” 

lithium provides 4 days of 12 volt

Is this video I discuss and show how to manage the inverter to preserve the State Of Charge (SOC) in the 47v lithium battery. 

30amps of electricity, anywhere

Two reasons why the Pure3 lithium energy system means freedom:  1) Roll into an urban camping spot (aka a parking lot) and use 30 AMP, 110 volt electricity to make lunch, and  2) Disconnect from shore power and the 30 AMP, 110 volt electrical service remains intact automatically

lithium powered night light

Check out this simple solution to covering the what can be a very bright night light. The magnetic cover attaches to the faceplate of the Pure3 State Of Charge (SOC) gauge and the big green on/off button. 

lithium vs traditional rv battery?

Educate me on lithium vs traditional RV batteries.  Please tell me how traditional RVers do things needing 110 volt electricity without lithium. Can they literally roll into a parking spot and fire up the microwave, the TV, and use 110 volt appliances?

lithium powers streaming Apple TV

It is simply magic to be “urban camping” in a Walmart parking lot, not plugged into shore power or the Internet and stream a movie from my iTunes account through the Apple TV device to my “big screen” in a Class B RV, my Travato... all powered by my Volta Pure3 lithium energy system.

drive-to-charge lithium battery

Nearly 24 hours of running off the Pure3 lithium battery, with little drive-to-charge time and the 3600 Watt inverter on the entire time, the State Of Charge (SOC) was at 40%. With a two drive ahead from Tampa area to Cedar Key, the drive-to-charge second alternator fully charged the Pure3 energy pack back to 100%. 

lithium powers A/c over 9 hours

Our test shows the Pure3 lithium battery by Volta will run for about 9 hours straight on a 50% temperature cycle (meaning AC compressor is on 50% of the time producing cold air), on the Low Cool mode, keeping the Travato cooled to about 74 degrees when the rig is in full sun and the outside temperature rises to 83 degrees. 

initiate charge-on-demand

HOW TO: See the simple process to initiate an on-demand charging session to top off the 47 volt lithium Pure3 energy pack before retiring for bed. 

lithium cooks dinner

See how the Pure3 lithium energy management system by Volta powers my Class B RV, my 2019 Travato 59GL (L stands for lithium). It enables me to cook dinner without the hassle of plugging into shore power or running a noisy generator.