Coming soon, stories of solo, ladies grabbing their RV freedom!

Two things happened in January 2020 that brought to light the importance of the solo, female RVer.

#1   Bev (in photo with Kyle and me)) attended my pop-up Travato Open House. She shared her story of being a solo female RVer after her husband passed a few years ago. She watch my YouTube channel and others for inspiration, confidence building, and RV tips. 

#2   Deb from Winnebago shared how the Voice Of (solo female) Customer is making a big impact on how improvements are made to their Class B portfolio, and to the Travato in particular.

So, if you are, or want to be, a solo, female RVer, please send me an email so we can make a connection. My goal into share those inspiring stories and provide feedback to Winnebago and other RV makes to further improve their RVs by adding in the female perspective.  

As those stories come in, we will post them here. Let's go ladies!

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