HOw to: clean shower pump filter


03:16 DEMO, how to clean the shower drain pump filter in response to “does it clog quickly”? 


Learn how to use the Travato RV Class B hot and cold water wash station, great for washing dogs, shoes, and bikes! And, learn how to use the optional Winnebago bike rack, perfect for transporting and storing up to two bicycles.

tip: replace rooftop a/c

Replace your existing rooftop A/C unit this new Coleman-Mach 3 NDQ unit. It is up to 30% more efficient, significantly quieter, and has a Bluetooth module that connects to a mobile app. Run your A/C from your smartphone!

HOW to: fold laundry rv-style

On laundry day, I share several tips on washing, and more importantly, how to fold (which is to really roll) clothes for compact storage and then how I stow clothes in the overhead cabinets. 

tip: ESSENTIALS for SHOWER house

See the 4 essentials needed for a clean and safe cleansing in a public shower, such as at a gym or campground. And see the 2 essentials needed for a pleasant, clean toilet experience that you can take into nearly any public restroom.

how to: create rv mood lighting

See how to use existing and supplemental lighting to create a subdued mood for evening RV & Vanlife. 

how to: clean shower pump filter



02:12 Lithium battery operates rooftop A/C?

03:16 DEMO, how to clean the shower drain pump filter in response to “does it clog quickly”?

06:20 New! YouTube Playlists helps viewer find videos more quickly 

tip: $5 overnight in San Antonio

San Antonio was an unexpected delightful surprise.  It started with $5 overnight parking in downtown San Antonio just three blocks from The Alamo!

how to: shower drain & floor mat

See four tips to improve your RV bathroom experience Though specific to a Winnebago Travato 59G RV, these tips likely apply to many RVers looking to have a happier experience with their RV bathroom.

how to: 5 STEPs PERFECT Class B RV

Searching for a Class B RV can be overwhelming. I developed this five step process to determine a perfect RV. Watch how I used the process to nail down my perfect Class B camper van.  

tip: free overnight parking

Overview of becoming a Boondockers Welcome guest to camp for free 

How To: WASH a Travato class b Rv

Learn how to safely wash a Class B RV with your own hose, RV-specific wash wand, collapsible bucket, and automotive wash soap. 

tip: stealth urban camping

See the best practices of overnight, stealth Urban Camping, that would be parking overnight on a downtown city street.

tip: seek local advice

Learn how to gather advice from locals in this Episode 1 of 4 Episodes in VLOG-style where we explore charming small towns and share the learnings of Vanlife.

tip: app finds overnight parking; $25 camp downtown chicago

Use smartphone app to located overnight parking spot in urban locations. See my $25 camping spot in downtown Chicago.


With so many great questions coming in about my WiFi and Internet setup, I go into detail how I leverage Verizon’s JetPack hotspot and the roof-mounted Winegard WiFi + 4G cellular antenna system. 

how to: use SHOWER. Defrost fridge

Walk through the steps to take a shower in the Travato 59G/GL Class B RV. See how I defrost the RV fridge to make it cool more efficiently.


See the steps I take to empty the black and grey waste tanks and use the San-T-flush system to keep the black tank clean.


Utilize your hitch to add external storage, up to 500 pounds. Improve your Travato’s ride quality and gain an additional 1” in ground clearance by adding third-party SumoSprings. And create a WiFi network inside your Travato with an always-on Verizon JetPack.